Custom Hand Made Self-Bows and Arrows . Over 30 years of making Bows. Made from : Osage , Mulberry, Ash, Yew, and other woods.

Historical Educational Demonstrations Also

For Orders call Bowyer Bill Darr at 954 254 6067

For ordering it is best to call us at above phone number so we can talk to you individually , so we can match equipment to your individual needs.

Check us out on facebook : archery.official


For questions email me at :

Thanks for checking the site out.  -Yeoman Darr


They are master bow builders and teachers if you wanta self bow that you can shoot 1 million arrows out of with a lifetime guarantee they are the place to go, masters of the ancient art they will make you a bow to your specs height and draw length . I will be attending another session in the future both for arrow build and bow.-Shane Kisner


Dates for 2019:

The Florida Renaissance Faire Deerfield Beach, Florida February 9th- March 24th Weekends and also Holiday 3 day weekend. Our shop and also our Archery Demo.

Workshops for Spring :

April 20th and 21st English Longbow

April 27th and 28th Flatbow

May 4th and 5th Arrow Smithing

West Virginia Renaissance Festival June 9th -July the 1st Our shop and Archery Demo

Summer Workshops

July 27th and 28th English Longbow

August 3rd and 4th English Longbow

August 10th and 11th Flatbow

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire August 31st-October 14 2019 Saturdays and Sundays Also Labor Day And Columbus Day Lebanon, Connecticut Our Shop and Archery Demo

 Fall Workshops

October 26th and 27th English Longbow

November 2nd and 3rd Flatbow

Workshops : All workshops are $250.00. Its $50.00 deposit subtracted from shop price to hold your spot.All workshops we quarantee you leave with a bow. Arrow smithing workshops you leave with a dozen arrows ,whatever you can make and a throwing arrow. Call for discriptions or special arrangements for the workshops 954 254 6067. We are open do even do workshops during the week or other dates when we are at our home shop.



My wife and I were able to watch a show one year and it is the one I continually tell people about. My wife went back and bought me a bow and a quiver as a wedding gift. Amazing craftsmanship and a awesome bow. I have had so much fun with it and will always recommend Whipperwil Archery. I can’t wait for the next time I get to see a performance of such expert skills. Keep up the good work! -Michael Ryan Smith

True craftsmanship …I shot my Whipperwil bow this evening for the first time since receiving it. I have been shooting fiberglass backed recurves and longbows 20 years .This is my first self bow. I am simply in disbelief of how much quieter and true shooting this bow is, even more so than the glass backed bows that I am accustomed to. Much respect and thanks to Whipperwil Archery. -Josh J. Burkett

All selfbows are made from logs that have been split and the wood is dried to 7-10 % moisture content. Then the bow staves are worked to one growth ring of the tree for the backs of the bows . Then the profile of the bow is worked on the natural growth of the tree . Every bow is unique to itself. All bows are hand crafted and all work is guarented. We stand behind our work. All bows made to your draw length and your weight requrierment. 25-55 lbs . Any bows over 55lbs to 100lbs are $100.00 dollars extra.

Bow Prices: Flatbows $250.00, English Longbows $200.00-$250.00 dollars.  We also make lower poundage bows that are good for sca or even larping that are $150.00 dollars

I intend to buy another ,as well as attend a bow making clinic and help make another! -William Hunter


Snake skin bows are $125.00 extra on the price of the bow

Horn and Antler tip bows are $100.00 extra

Inlayed horn shelfs are $50.00 extra

Static or Regular Recurves are $250.00 -$350.00 dollars

Takedown bows are $350.00                                                                      

Yew bows are $600.00 dollars (one piece or takedown)

Kids bows start at $75.00 dollars and kids arrows are $30 and half dozen and $60 a full dozen .With the kids bows we will let you trade the bow in when the child grows out of the bow for that price off the next bow.

All arrows are hand spined in 5lbs increments and grain weighed within 10 grains of each other, all have hardwood reinforced self nocks. Port Orford cedar. $50.00 dollars a half dozen and $100.00 dollars a full dozen. Arrows with the hard wood ends $50.00 dollars extra a half dozen and $100.00 extra for a full dozen.

All quivers are made of leather, Hand stiched and hand sewn.  Quiver prices: Back quivers $50.00 dollars . Front quivers with knife sheath $50.00 dollars and side quivers are $70 dollars.

All arm quards are made of leather with antler buttons . All are hand stiched and are $20.00 dollars
All string keepers are leather and hand stiched and $7.00 dollars

Every once in awhile we have people asking us about knife making workshops. Well here is a website to check out if you want to take a knife making workshop or buy a knife.


fireing the treb.jpg

Siege Weapons of this size go for $3.000 dollars. We will make smaller ones for much less and the bigger ones for alittle more . All seige weapons are made to be mobile and within a days drive of us we will deliver and assemble for free.

The Knifes are in the $30.00 -$100.00 dollar range depending on the knife. The single Arrows like these are $15.00 dollars. All Flint napping done by Bill. The arrows in this photo are river cane.

I have done 2 bow workshops with these guys. They are the real deal. Bill is one of the best bowyers and archer you will ever meet. -Kenny Fernsler


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